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We are a family of ordinary extra-ordinary people who’s faith is changing our lives, who live to be the good news in our communities, making a difference wherever we can.

The church has been in existence for nearly 20 years, and at present is going through a process of restructuring and focus in how we do church. Change is something that most of us struggle with, but changing is a thing we want to embrace because the message we believe in brings change to the whole of our lives and to our world.

We do not seek to be a church based solely on events, but to do life together. Central to all that we are is the person of Jesus Christ. We haven’t got it all together and if you’re looking for a perfect church, then we’re afraid that’s not us. But we do have amazing people who serve and love in the power of Christ, to achieve awesome things and we do believe with all our hearts that God loves our borough and that people matter to God.

So welcome to the family

Welcome to Kingsgate Community Church

Welcome to Kingsgate Community Church



Kingsgate Community Church runs the Kings Centre, which is our family home.

The Kings Centre is one of the largest conference facilities in the borough and used by many groups day in, day out.

A new Hiring site is in development and will be available soon, meanwhile, the old site with hiring information is available here. Please contact the office for more information.


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